Assess & Empower

Determine Root Causes

Complementary Initial Consultation

We always offer a 75 minute, complementary consultation. This is your chance to dream big and imagine everything you want your technology to do for you. We really see this as a discovery time, in which we get to know each other and see if we will be the right fit. Our clients tend to stay with us long-term, so we want to make sure that our services really meet your needs.

We also want to avoid spending hours of our time (and consequently your money) just poking around and fixing symptoms. It’s like taking a throat lozenge for strep throat. It’ll make it feel better, but doesn’t actually solve the problem. 

It’s important to us to take the time to do it right, digging deep to determine the root causes and system that will resolve your problems and set you up for success.

Questions We Bring to the Table
  1. How are you currently using technology in your business? Do you manage inventory or money, track time or projects, market, or communicate with your customers?
  2. What do you want your website to do for your business?
  3. How do you want to showcase your business online?
  4. Where do you see your business in 18 months? 5 years? 10 years?
  5. What kind of a difference do you want to make in the world? – yes, this actually matters to us…
  6. How do you find and keep your clientele?
  7. Why did you go into business in the first place?
Analysis & Proposals

After our initial consultation, we take a lot of time to determine if we will be the right fit for your project. We’d rather you find the best solution – even if it isn’t us. We do have an incredibly diverse team with an incredible skill-mix, so we can handle most things that people throw at us, but because we see our clients as family, we really want to ensure that we have similar worldviews and work ethic. We want to make sure that we’re all on the same page before we start.

We always offer a detailed proposal for any work that we are contracted to do, along with an engagement letter that clearly outlines our expectations and your rights and responsibilities as a client. We try to recommend services that will be helpful – such as our Holistech Hosting packages or our Monthly Subscriptions – and to empower you to take charge of those aspects that you feel confident and competent to tackle.