What does “Holistech” Mean?

Our “Holistech” approach works within the same principles as holistic and naturopathic medicine. Technology has changed dramatically within the last 15 years, and we need to be nimble and savvy enough to follow the current trends while implementing time-honored traditions with wisdom and skill.
Like holistic medicine, we emphasize prevention and technology’s inherent problem-solving abilities. Our diagnosis and analysis focus on identifying the underlying causes of system issues, with an emphasis on empowering and providing growth oriented strategies and solutions for our clients.


    The underpinnings of our “Holistech” approach are found in the following six principles:

    1. Assess and empower our clients to take ownership of their technology – to understand and know what they wish to do themselves and what they wish to delegate.
    2. Find the root causes rather than treating symptoms
    3. Do no harm
    4. Educate and Illuminate 
    5. Whole System Solutions
    6. Prevent further problems by implementing strong, sustainable infrastructure.